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EMS Education FAQ's


Denver Health Paramedics EMS Education FAQ

What courses are offered by the Denver Health Paramedics and where can I find the start-dates? How do I register for the courses?

Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics>Education> Professional Continuing Education

From here you can click on the class you’re interested in and you will be able to register for the course, see the start-dates and class duration, and see how many seats are available for the class.

Do you offer renewal classes?

Yes, we do offer renewal classes for ACLS, BLS for Healthcare Providers, and National Registry EMT (offered for both EMT’s and Paramedics).

What courses is Denver Health Paramedics currently offering?


  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider 
  • Advanced Medical Life Support
  • Basic EKG
  • Bleeding Control Basics
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers
  • Escaping Violent Encounters for Healthcare Providers
  • Heartcode ACLS Skills Check Session
  • Heartcode BLS Skills Check Session
  • Heartcode PALS Skills Check Session
  • Heartsaver First AID
  • Heartsaver First AID CPR AED
  • IV Therapy/Approval
  • EMT (also NREMT Refresher)
  • PALS Provider (also PALS Renewal)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Trauma Care for Law Enforcement and First Responders


What is the refund policy for courses offered by Denver Health Paramedics?

Aside from Paramedic and EMT school, we offer a refund up until the day the course is scheduled to start.

EMT Course FAQ

What EMT Courses does Denver Health offer and how long are they?

Accelerated (7 weeks)

Regular (4 months)

Metro (4 months)

EMT Refresher 

Where do I fill out my application?

Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics> Education> EMT Training

Where do I submit my background check and where can I find the code for the background check?

Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics> Education> EMT Training

  • Scroll all the way down and you will see “Click here” for the background check. You will also see the code for the background check here so make sure to use it to enable us to see the status of your background check. 

Once you are at the CastleBranch Background Check Website: Click “Place Order” on the top right corner and make sure to input the code (EN14) as well as finish placing your order. 

How do I pay for the EMT course tuition online?

  • Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics> Education> Pay Tuition & Fees

What are the application requirements for the EMT course?

  • BLS for Health Providers certification or e-card approved by the National Registry
  • Background Check (using the code EN14)
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Records

How do I submit all the required documents for the EMT course?

What kind of BLS for Healthcare Providers certification do you accept?

  • American Red Cross
  • American Heart Association
  • ASHI
  • Military
  • We do not accept online BLS courses that have not had an in class skills check off.

How much do EMT courses cost at Denver Health Paramedics?

  • Accelerated- $1900
  • Regular Semester- $1600
  • Metro State University- $1600

What does the EMT course cost cover?

  • This fee includes books, clinical rides and NREMT practical exam. The written NREMT test is the responsibility of the student.

Do I have to pay the tuition for the EMT course all at once?

  • No, you do not have to pay the tuition for EMT course all at once. You can do a 4-way monthly payment; as long as you make the first payment before the start date of the EMT course.

What is the deadline if I plan on paying the full tuition or 4-way payment?

  • Students have the option of paying in full within two weeks of class or making minimum monthly payments before the deadline dates listed on the tuition agreement form.

Do you offer financial aid or discounts for the courses?

  • We do not accept FAFSA. We do accept other tuition assistance forms including GI Bill workforce investment act, but not limited to.

How do I know the status of my application?

  • Once you have turned in all the required documents, background check, and tuition agreement form, you will be officially registered into the class.

How long do I have to pass the Colorado State EMT certification test?

  • Once you complete the EMT course at Denver Health Paramedics, you will have a year to test for the Colorado State EMT certification. After you pass the test, you can work as an EMT before you will have to take an EMT refresher course.

How old do I have to be in order to enroll into the EMT program at Denver Health Paramedics?

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enroll into our EMT program.

What’s the refund policy for the EMT course?

  • Refunds for tuition are not valid after the first week of class. 

Paramedic School FAQ

How long is the Paramedic course at Denver Health?

  • The regular Paramedic school is 1 year long while the accelerated lasts for 6 months.

How long do I have to work as an EMT to apply for the Paramedic school at Denver Health?

  • If you would like to apply for the regular 1 year school you will need at least 1 year of experience working as an EMT. To apply for the accelerated paramedic school you will need at least 2 years of EMT experience. 

Where do I fill out the Paramedic school application?

  • Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics>Education>Paramedic Training

How much does Paramedic School cost?

  • The cost to attend paramedic school is $8,975 for residential and nonresidential applicants. This includes NR exam fee, all lab fees, uniforms and books. Scholarships and Tuition Assistance is available to those who qualify. 

Do you accept non NR certified applicants with EMT’s?

  • Yes, we do accept applicants that do not have Colorado state certified EMT’s.

What are the prerequisites for Paramedic school?

To apply to Denver Health Paramedic School, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a high school graduate or have GED certificate
  • Have successfully completed an EMT-Basic training program and have worked at least 6 months as an EMT
  • Possess a current CPR certification (CPR Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer)
  • Have successfully completed an IV Therapy Approval Course
  • Passed Anatomy and Physiology I and II (or its equivalent), as defined by the Colorado Community Colleges and Occupational Educational Services (CCCOES). This requirement can be met through a challenge assessment process that leads to equivalent credit. Information regarding the challenge assessment can be found online.

Contact Natasha Lozano with any questions at  or 303-602-2531.

What do I need to include in my application package to be considered for admission into the Paramedic program?

  •  Completed application
  •  An admission essay of approximately 200 words stating why the applicant wishes to become a paramedic and why he/she wishes to attend the Denver Health Paramedic School
  • EMT or advanced EMT certification
  • High school diploma or GED Certificate
  • Current TB test and proof of hepatitis B Vaccination Series and MMR vaccination
  • Transcripts demonstrating successful completion of anatomy and physiology requirements
  • A non-refundable processing fee of $75.00 is required for each applicant for admission to the Denver Health Paramedic School.
  • 3 Letters of recommendation

What is the next step after submitting my application package?

  • The Denver Health Paramedic School will evaluate applicants on proven academic competence and potential, goals, understanding of the paramedic's role, and recommendation letters. Following this, applicants will undergo pre-admission test and a panel interview to further aid the program in selecting the most competitive applicants for admission.

How do I pay for the Paramedic School tuition online?

  • Go to our main page: Denver Health Paramedics> Education> Pay Tuition & Fees

When are application packages due for Paramedic school regular decision?

  • Deadline for the 12-month Program and the Accelerated Program are due on March 1st.

How do I submit all the required documents for the paramedic school?

  • If you have not submitted the required documents while applying for the Paramedic school course, you can email all the required documents to Susan Taylor Allen at or Natasha Lozano at or 303-602-2531.

How many hours of field training do I get?

  • We provide 500 hours for both accelerated and regular Paramedic schools. For more detail about the training phases of Denver Health Paramedic schools visit: Denver Health Paramedics>Education>Paramedic Training

How many students do you accept for the Paramedic program?

  • The 12-month program accepts 24 students; the 6-month program accepts 18 students.

IV Therapy

Where and when do I submit my Hepatitis B proof and a Copy of your Colorado EMT Certification?

National Registry certification will NOT suffice for the IV Therapy Course. You MUST have a Colorado State Certification prior to registering for the IV Therapy Course. At this time our course is not approved for any provider other than EMT.

NREMT Practical’s

Do you offer any NREMT practical for non DH-EMT students?

  • Yes we do offer EMT practical for non DH-EMT students. The cost for all stations is $199 and the cost for one station is $50. If you are interested in the EMT course at Denver Health Paramedics, the price for the NREMT practical is included in the tuition. 

If you do have any additional questions please call us at 303-602-2530