Explorer Post 1025


Denver Paramedic Explorer Post 1025 provides hands-on training and experience to young men and women (ages 16 to 20) interested in a medical career. Through regular meetings, hands-on training, ambulance ride-alongs and other community events, Explorers gain first-hand experience and knowledge of what it is like to work as a medical professional.

Post 1025 is an ongoing program that accepts new applicants once a year. After the springtime application and interview process, new Explorers enter an in-depth 10 week training academy over the summer. Training topics include human anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, medical equipment, EMS & ambulance operations and much more. Explorers will obtain valuable AHA and FEMA certifications that are needed prior to working in most medical settings.

Classes are taught by qualified instructors that will teach concepts and procedures that they practice regularly in the field.

Upon graduating from Denver Paramedic Explorer Post 1025 Academy, Graduate Explorers are eligible to shadow and observe shifts on the ambulance along with other special events such as the medical operations at Rockies and Broncos games. Our regular training meetings continue through the school year along with other opportunities with the Paramedic Education Department.

Post 1025 is coordinated by a small group of dedicated Denver Health Paramedics and EMT advisors with varying levels of education, training and experience. Special guest speakers and trainers from varying medical disciplines and other professions add further depth to our curriculum.

In addition to the leadership brought by the advisors, Graduate Explorers are eligible and encouraged to apply as Officers within the Post. These leadership positions are established to assist with planning and operational components of Post 1025 as well as to serve as an example of professionalism for future and incoming Explorers.

Great pride comes with being a member of the Denver Health Paramedic Division. This is the first step for the young men and women of the Denver Metro area to join our EMS family.

For more information please email ExplorerPost1025@dhha.org.

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The Denver Paramedic Explorer Post 1025 is now accepting new applications for 2019 Summer Academy!

WHEN: The 2019 Explorer Academy will begin on Wednesday, June 5 and will continue every Wednesday evening from 6-9 pm for 10 weeks.

WHERE: Academy classes are held at Rita Bass Trauma and EMS Education Institute on the main campus of Denver Health.

COST: Initial annual fee for new explorers is $100. Recurring fee of $50 will be assessed for future years as an active explorer.

COMMITMENT: Upon acceptance, explorers were committing to ONE YEAR of membership with regular participation. Subsequent years' membership will be granted to all current explorers in good standing with Post 1025. 

REQUIREMENTS: Each explorer shall obtain the following uniform items for academy: black footwear, black belt, navy “BDU” or cargo style pants & navy crew neck t-shirt.

(These items can be found online at stores like www.galls.com or in person at Galls Uniform Store at 5120 Osage St. or any Army Surplus Store.)

APPLICATION: The application period is open now until Sunday, April 15 at midnight. Applicants must be between at least 16 years old but less than 20 years old on June 5, 2019. Please answer all application questions honestly and to the best of your ability. The final question requires a reference for a professional letter of recommendation. You will be prompted for a person's name and contact number.

INTERVIEW: In-person panel interviews will be held at the end of April or beginning of May. Serious applicants should treat this opportunity similar to a job interview. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your experiences and your ambitions. Also, bring any questions you might have for us!

*** PARENTAL PERMISSION: If you are under the age of 18, signed permission from a parent or legal guardian will be required for your participation. Working in EMS includes risk of both physical and mental health injury and trauma. In an effort for transparency, an in-person presentation about Post 1025 and The Denver Paramedic Division will be held during the panel interviews. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend for information and Q&A. Best efforts can be made to reschedule this info session. If a parent is not available, an explanation why will be required.

ACCEPTANCE: Letters of acceptance will be sent shortly after interviews are completed. Determination of who is accepted will be based off consideration of all components of the application and interview.

SCHOLARSHIP: A limited amount of scholarship funding is available for applicants. This resource is to assist in covering the annual cost of membership as well as the required uniform items. Scholarship funds are determined based on individual request and need. An interested Explorer candidate should not be deterred from applying solely based on an inability to afford the required costs. Application for scholarship funds will be considered completely separate from, and has no bearing on one’s application to join Post 1025. 

 Click here to apply for Explorer Post 1025.