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The Denver Health Paramedic Division is the sole provider of emergency medical services for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to provide professional, compassionate and clinically excellent care to every patient, with every encounter, through a culture of integrity and continuous improvement.

As a division of Denver Health and Hospital Authority, we provide 911 services to residents of Denver, as well as the cities of Glendale, Sheridan, Englewood, and the Skyline Fire Protection District. The Denver Health Paramedic Division employs 215 paramedics, 20 emergency medical technicians (EMTs), a command staff of 31, and nearly an additional 100 employees in communications, education, vehicle, and administration support. We responded to more than 117,000 calls for Emergency Medical Services in 2018 

Through the Rita Bass Trauma and EMS Education Institute, Denver Health Paramedics provides for EMT training and paramedic training, as well as continuing education and community training. In 2015, 32 new paramedics and 82 new EMTs graduated from our prestigious program. Visit our education page to learn how to become a paramedic through our paramedic school.

Featured Employee


Demetrius Larez


Hometown: Denver, Colorado!!! I know there aren’t many natives here but I’m one of them. My parents still live in 101

What you do for a living: I work in EMS Education as a Denver Fire trainer. We are responsible for their CPR instruction, CE’s and all other things related to medicine. 

Favorite Food: Mexican food! The hotter the better, I want the chili so hot it looks like I’ve got organophosphate poisoning. 

If you were a pro baseball player, what would your “walkup song” be? It’s a tie, either “Baby Shark” or “Tragos Amargos” by Ramon Ayala

Favorite vacation destination:   Cabo Mexico! I’ve been to Cabo several times and it is by far my favorite place to go. 

What do you enjoy about your job: I enjoy teaching and sharing my love of EMS with my peers. I am also an extreme extrovert, so this position has me always involved in a group setting whether it be in the firehouse teaching CE’s or over at Rita Bass with other team members, I’m in constant socialization mode.

Tell us something people may not know about you:  I play the accordion, I’m not great but enjoy playing. I do however have horrible stage fright and rarely bust it out in front of people. It usually takes some liquid courage before I’ll play it in front of people. 

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