Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a trip report?


We are happy to provide a copy of the patient’s trip report (medical health record). To request a copy, the patient or the patient’s designee must complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form.  The signed form can be sent by mail or delivered in person along with the following information:

  • The date/time/location of the paramedic response
  • The name of the hospital the patient was transported to
  • The patient’s full name and date of birth
  • A copy of a photo ID of the patient or the patient’s designee. If the patient is a minor, a copy of a birth certificate is required
  • A check for $16.50 payable to Denver Health Medical Center/Paramedic Division (Federal Tax ID #84-1343242).

All information must be sent to:

Denver Health Paramedic Division
Mail Code 0172
601 Broadway St, 5th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203

Requests that do not contain all of the above information will not be processed.

EXCEPTIONS:  In the event the patient is deceased, a copy of the Death Certificate is needed, along with all the information listed above and a copy of the next of kin’s photo ID (as listed on the Death Certificate).  In the event the patient is unable to sign an Authorization to Disclose Health Information, a copy of the medical power of attorney is needed, along with all of the information listed above for the request to be processed.

How do I request Denver Health Paramedics to provide medical coverage for an event?


The person, organization, or other entity applying for a special event permit in the city and county of Denver is required to contact DH Paramedics. DHPD will help the event organizer determine the appropriate level of medical coverage for the event. Fill out the Request for Medical Coverage application and return the completed form by mail or email to:

Joshua Kennedy
EMS Captain
Denver Health Paramedic Division
Mail Code 0172
601 Broadway St, 5th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203

Please contact us at least 60 days before your event.

I have a question about my bill?

  All billing inquiries should be addressed to Intermedix at 888.980.9121. Denver Health Paramedic Division cannot answer any questions regarding billing. 

I am hosting a community event and I'd like the Denver Health Paramedics to attend?

 Denver Health Paramedics offers several different programs for community events

  • When to Call 911
    This is a educational discussion for the community on when to call 911, who responds to a 911 call and what medical services can be provided by an ambulance

  • EMS Careers
    A presentation on the responsibilities of a first responder and the education required to become an emergency medical technician and/or a paramedic

  • Show and Tell
    Tours of an ambulance with a paramedic

Please call 303.602.2566 or send your request at least 30 days in advance to:

Lieutenant Otis McKay
Denver Health Paramedic Division
MC 0172
601 Broadway St, 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80203